Student Athletic Training

From hitting and pitching to strength and speed to ball handling and shooting … Our coaches believe in training both the overall strength and power of the athlete in concurrence with the specific sports’ skills of each individual athlete to reach their full potential. Check out the different sessions we offer below or hop over to our current schedule of classes and choose the perfect one for your young athlete!

Performance Training Sessions

Our Performance Training clinics are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, increase athleticism, decrease injuries, increase overall strength, speed, quickness, explosiveness, and your functional movement in day-to-day activities. Before you even begin taking classes with us, we complete an initial Functional Movement Assessment. This will keep you both safe and reaching your full potential with every class you take. And our coaches are always there with you to guide you through each work out.

Training for a specific sport? No problem! We design each program to focus on specific sports skills in order to maximize your efforts and raise your game to the next level.

Skills Development Sessions

As a member of MVP Performance Training, athletes have full access to one-on-one, small group, and/or team training under the guidance of an experienced coach. Regardless of your sports interest, coaches at MVP have the qualifications, experience and skills to help you improve your game. Different athletic skills development clinics include, but are not limited to:

  • Baseball (Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Base Running, Mental Game, etc.)
  • Softball (Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Fielding, Base Running, Mental Game, etc.)

Team Training Sessions are available!

That’s right, we train whole teams! We’ll work with you and your teammates to get you all more physically fit and honed in on the skills you need for not just your sport, but your position. A team that trains together, stays together!

Ready to train the athlete within? Ready to achieve your mission, narrow your vision and use your passion to become the best athlete you can be? Join us today!