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Zen Planner

Once you have registered online, we encourage you to download the app “Zen Planner – Member” in order to access our daily schedule of session offerings.  With the app, members are able to re-new memberships, pay fees, and RSVP and cancel sessions with just a touch of a button.


Membership Costs

Monthly Unlimited Memberships
Our monthly unlimited memberships provides full access to each of our workout sessions and members can attend as many as they want each week (or each day).  This option is ideal for the individual or families interested in attending at least three workouts a week each month.
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership (Individual) – $100 per month
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership (family of 2) – $175 per month
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership (family of 3 or more) – $250 per month

Electronic Punchcard

For members who are out of town or who are unable to commit to at least three workouts a week, we encourage you to consider a punchcard system.  The punchcard is good for up to six months and can be shared with other family members.

  • 1 Session – $10
  • 10 Sessions – $100
  • 20 Sessions – $200
  • 60 Sessions – $500
Online Training
  • Online Training – $60 per month
    • Members receive all access to our online workouts as well as video links on how to performance each exercise.
    • Members also receive all access to our youtube mobility links.  Each of these videos are led by CB Mason and provide an excellent opportunity to work on your range of motion thru a variety of stretching and mobility exercises.

Private Training

Private training require us to close our facility.  Therefore, they are priced much higher than our membership costs.  Private training costs are between $60-$120 an hour.  If you are interested in this option, contact us directly.