Adult Group Training

Boost your metabolism. Increase athleticism. Achieve your athletic and health goals. Whether you’re just restarting your physical fitness journey, you’re a competing athlete or somewhere in between – our coaches can help you train the athlete within. Check out our adult training options below or check out our current schedule of classes and choose the perfect one for you!

Our adult group sessions are scientifically designed to boost your metabolism, increase athleticism, decrease injuries, increase your strength and your functional movement in day-to-day activities. After a free Function Movement Screen and Goal Session, you’ll get the chance to dive into our High Energy Group Strength and Metabolic Sessions. Activities are changed monthly to keep you (and your muscles) on your toes. And a coach is always there to guide you through the activities, making sure you’re getting the best workout possible while keeping you safe.

New Sessions:


Mobility – Variability – Progression

We are excited to announce that CB Mason has joined MVP Performance Training and she will be offering Yoga as an additional offering to our members.  Just as life’s ‘seasons’ transition over time, CB’s love of movement and balance has evolved.  Her childhood revolved around dance and cheerleading.  In college, she discovered group fitness and became certified Group Ex for the first time.  Now with over 15 years of fitness industry experience, leading classes, small groups, and private lessons, CB is bringing yoga-based mobility training to MVP.  Taking inspiration from dance, group fitness, and sport, CB’s approach to yoga will empower you with functional skills to move well in your sport and in your life.

Please join CB Mason for this exciting opportunity and explore how breath and movement can bring length to your body, so you can increase your functional range to move better in your sport and in your life.


No time? Join MVP online!

Your daily schedule is insane … Believe us, we know. That’s why we offer MVP Online – MVP Performance Training’s Distance Training and Coaching Program. If you’re looking for a coach to motivate you both in and out of the gym, MVP Online is made for you! There are only 168 hours in each week and we get it, a trip out the door to MVP just doesn’t fit. That’s okay! Take your workout and training with you! Whether you live in McMinnville or thousands of miles away, We’ll design your program and motivate you to meet your performance and fitness goals. Because that’s what coach is for!

Ready to train the athlete within? Ready to achieve those fitness goals with coach by your side? Then join MVP today!