Train the Athlete Within.

We are excited to announce that our new MVP Running Academy and MVP Running Academy Plus memberships are now active.  

Would you like to run your first 5k or are you looking to run an ultramarathon? MVP Performance Training can help you accomplish your running goals.

What we will offer:

  • Sound Training Plans–detailing your runs and cross training for all 7 days of the week. Plans will be tailored and adjusted to your family schedule and life goals. 
  • Nutrition advice and consultation.
  • Shoe and clothing recommendations.
  • One on one meetings with our Running Coach once a week via email, Skype, or in person.
  • Weekly group run from MVP. 
  • Accountability and goal setting sessions. 
  • Running drills and technique offered in an individual setting. 
  • Foam rolling and stretching demonstrations. 

Individuals can select to participate in just the running program by selecting “MVP Running Academy” or they can select “MVP Running Academy Plus” in which they will also receive unlimited access to our physical training program.

Click HERE to Join

We’ll help you exercise the athlete within and become your own MVP. From kids just starting their athletic journey, to high school and collegiate athletes aspiring to be their best, to adults who are ready to rediscover the athlete from their younger years.

As the only athletic performance training facility in Yamhill County, MVP Performance Training is here to help each and every individual meet his or her fitness and performance goals. Through a unique multi-faceted athletic approach including both skill and performance training, MVP produces the results you’ve always wanted to see. With more than 50 years of coaching between them, Frank and Sean have the experience, knowledge and dedication to help you attain those athletic goals that have seemed more like dreams lately.

Why MVP?

Mission. Vision. Passion. It is our MISSION to provide individuals of all ages an affordable, comprehensive and coordinated training program. Our VISION for athletes to develop their sports-specific skills (Baseball, Softball, Basketball, etc), while becoming stronger, faster, and quicker. And it is our PASSION to assist each of our clients in attaining their sports performance and fitness goals.

Ready to train the athlete within? Show up to one of our scheduled training sessions or contact us today!